Joe Lawrence, Chief Marketing Officer


Joe Lawrence leads the global marketing, public relations and mobile network operator product development efforts for Telcentris, Inc. He is a 30 year veteran of the IT, entertainment and telecommunications industries. For the past fifteen years, he has spearheaded a wide variety of marketing, PR, business development and sales efforts within the wireless industry. He has extensive experience in advertising, public relations, consumer product marketing and enterprise technology marketing. He has executed several Go-To-Market initiatives.

As a pioneer, Joe led Qualcomm’s international consumer product and technology marketing efforts, over a period of ten years during its rapid rise to industry dominance. He also led the localization and commercialization of DIRECTV, a leading direct-to-home digital satellite entertainment service, in Brazil and 12 other countries in Latin America.

Joe has extensive experience working with regulators, infrastructure manufacturers, software developers, service providers and device suppliers within the wireless industry. Since the mid 90′s, he has helped build the demand for wireless services, establish technology trials, organize standards groups, define evolution paths, and executed advocacy efforts to promote the proliferation of cellular communication systems in more than 100 countries. He was involved in several complex, standards-based telecommunication issues and introduced several consumer devices and services to the business and consumer marketplace. He has established global brands. He has implemented every channel and medium of marketing communications.

During his 30 years of experience working in high-technology industries, he has created and led several talented and action-oriented teams. He is an acknowledged industry expert, with an entrepreneurial spirit. He is proficient in assessing the challenges of today’s mobile communications industry and understanding the intricacies of starting new businesses. Joe is a seasoned market maker and keynote speaker. He is also proficient in working with service providers and government officials throughout the world to help them develop their telecommunication roadmaps and policies.

Joe is a certified Professional Engineer (P.E.), MBA graduate, and a retired U.S. Navy (Submarine) Captain who served his country for more than 25 years.