Bob Hertz, Chief Information Officer


Bob is an expert in computer technology innovation, operations automation, and operating management, as well as managerial accounting experience with predominately Fortune 500 corporations. Most recently, Bob directed the software development of a “cradle-to-grave” automation environment for large and medium-sized businesses. Bob’s entrepreneurial activities have also included building several high-tech retail and travel businesses, as well as software development companies.

Over the last 35 years, Bob’s experience has included creation of several industry specific “total automations”, including Children’s Hospital Pediatric Cardiology, Cush Travel, Paul Ecke Ranch, and Sentra Securities, all in San Diego. Bob has also developed military systems at Naval Ocean Systems Center for SAIC and Syscon, two major US Government contractors. Bob delivered source code and training programs for Venda Ltd. (London, England) on his e-commerce automation software, which is still today the basis for all 100 of Venda’s e-commerce customers’ online stores, including: Virgin Mega Stores, Xerox, BT, Panasonic, Austin Reed, Lands’ End, Sharp, Wickes, and Danskin.

In 1991, American Express (TSSG) purchased exclusive rights to CAESAR which Bob created to automate over 80 major bank and insurance company owned brokerage houses including: Trans America, (Griffith) Home Savings, Home Life, AIG, Great Western, Fortis, and The Phoenix. Bob worked with IBM to develop their web automation software, Net.Commerce, which subsequently morphed into their current WebSphere product, and also founded Financial Database Systems in San Diego, which is still operating profitably today.

Bob holds a Bachelor of Computer Science from Coleman College. He is also a life member of the Association for Certification of Computer Professionals and holds their highest designation, Certified Data Processor. Bob maintains an avid and active interest in robotics, high-tech devices, subtle energy, and alternative healing. Bob grew up in New York, moved to California permanently in 1975, and enjoys being close to his family, sons, and grandchildren.