Products & Services

We understand that you have business communication needs. You don’t have the time or money to waste on the wrong communication systems. And you don’t want to spend a fortune on phone equipment. You need affordable, easy to manage and reliable communication solutions. That’s why at Telcentris we offer the best in class business VoIP solutions for our SMB and Enterprise clients. Everything from one plan for voice and data to fully integrated call center solutions, all utilizing the latest in VoIP technology and phone equipment, including HD Voice.

Perhaps your business is moving to a new office building, or opening a brand new location. Maybe you have an old phone system that you spent a fortune on years ago and it is time to either replace it or try to breathe new life into it. Or you are simply looking for a better solution to your communication needs, including call center management. Whatever your excuse is for exploring the benefits of a new or upgraded phone system, the Telcentris suite of business services can offer you a customized solution to help you.

Benefits Include

  • Improve productivity of remote employees
  • Save money on inter-office, long distance and international calls
  • Get big business benefits on a small business budget
  • Get enterprise PBX features without up-front investment
  • Reduce upfront expenditures and ongoing maintenance costs
  • Improve client call and call history tracking
  • Improve customer support
  • Facilitate teamwork and collaboration
  • Improve and simplify phone administration
  • Eliminate technology and infrastructure risks

Hosted Business Phone Solutions (Hosted IP-PBX) Starting @ $14.99 per person

Telcentris provides hosted VoIP phone services for businesses as an alternative to traditional premise-based phone systems. The advantages of a hosted solution – delivered as a managed service via the web — include dramatically lower upfront costs, reduced monthly fees, instant upgrades, and powerful new features. Telcentris offers a complete end-to-end solution that helps businesses be more productive, stay ahead of technology and lower costs. Learn more

SIP Trunks Starting @ $9.99 per line

Telcentris offers SIP Trunking and trunk replacement services (SIP,PRI, CAS, Analog) that can provide a cost saving solution for companies, even if they have an investment in traditional premise-based phone system equipment. Telcentris’ SIP Trunk offering is a powerful, scalable and highly flexible solution enabling SMBs to streamline costs and resources, while retaining quality of service standards for business communications. Learn more