About Us

Telcentris, developers of VoxOx, gives you the most complete, most sophisticated, unified communications solution on the planet, powering the most comprehensive service ever created. We bring you the future of communications.

We have superlative span: our innovative VoIP solutions span more channels, networks and devices than any other provider. What’s more, we offer unrivaled integration. For example, we’re the first and only service that integrates all popular communication channels into a single desktop/mobile software client and service. But that’s only the beginning. We have a proprietary unified technology platform with IP telephony solutions that are perfect for any business. That’s right. It’s the strongest VoIP communications solutions you’ll find — at prices you won’t believe. And that means productivity and savings for your business. All this with the powerful admin controls you want in a business solution.

Founded in 2006, Telcentris is a leader in cloud communication services, innovating easier ways for people to control how they connect across their numerous communication networks and devices. Leveraging a massively-scalable unified communication platform, Telcentris launched its keynote product, VoxOx Unify, the world’s only “Universal Communicator” service, enabling users to control and manage their business communications from one place. In other words, we liberate business communications, making it easier, less costly and more efficient to communicate than ever before.

Businesses and consumers have too many disparate communication services and hopelessly scattered contacts. Until now. VoxOx Unify simplifies all this by integrating those services, contacts and conversations into one place. VoxOx Unify is an open platform which offers users free peer-to-peer voice and video calls; cheap VoIP calling to landlines and mobiles; intelligent call routing/screening functionality; texting; multi-protocol instant messaging; social network aggregation; faxing; large file transfer and even real-time IM and text messaging language transcription between approximately 50 languages.